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The Sunflower: On the Possibilities and Limits of Forgiveness
Simon Wiesenthal
Love Medicine
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Love Medicine: Newly Revised Edition
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The Graduate

The Graduate - Charles Webb I enjoyed seeing this movie years - more like decades - ago. The combination of Dustin Hoffman as Benjamin Braddock and the fantastic score performed by Simon and Garfunkel, made this a hit for me and I was looking forward to revisiting this story in audio. The book closely follows the movie. Ben, a recent college graduate who has many offers of full scholarships at prestigious universities, is disenchanted with life and chooses to laze around his parents' house and have an affair with Mrs. Robinson, the wife of his father's law partner. It seems like Ben's life is on a downward spiral when he meets and falls in love with Elaine, the Robinson's college aged daughter. When I saw the movie, I was rooting for Ben. It was both a love story and a conflict between a young idealist and the Establishment. Maybe it's because I'm older, but I didn't find myself liking Ben that much in the book. He came across as self-centered and entitled. I definitely didn't like the older generation either, but I didn't have that same feeling of satisfaction at the end of this story.