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The 5th Wave
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The Light Between Oceans: A Novel
M.L. Stedman
The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do To Get More of It
Kelly McGonigal
Clockwork Princess
Cassandra Clare
The Sunflower: On the Possibilities and Limits of Forgiveness
Simon Wiesenthal
Love Medicine
Louise Erdrich
Love Medicine: Newly Revised Edition
Louise Erdrich

The Bronze Bow

The Bronze Bow - Elizabeth George Speare Daniel, a young Israelite man, is consumed by his hatred of the Romans after the unfair crucifixion of his father. He joins a band of outlaws who share his goal of ousting the Romans. Daniel's outlook on life changes when he hears a traveling preacher speak - Jesus of Nazareth.Although this book wasn't over the top in pushing Christianity, it seemed to have more of an agenda than purely historic fiction. I liked the story and the characters, but the audio version didn't quite resonate. The narrator, Mary Woods, had a slightly monotone voice. Definitely a narration with a greater variety of character voices would have made this more enjoyable.